Veterans in Economic Transition Conference promotes new opportunities and growth for veterans through
education, entrepreneurship and employment.

Aug. 11, 2016 – Albany, N.Y. – A first of its kind conference in the Capital Region will be held to help veterans as they transition into their future professional careers. The Veterans in Economic Transition Conference (VETCON) is an unprecedented collection of public and private businesses, non-profit and for-profit organizations and government agencies gathering together for a worthy initiative.

VETCON will be held on Oct. 24-25, 2016 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY. The event will provide support, advice and direction to startups and existing businesses owned by veterans. It will also include networking opportunities with speakers of national notoriety serving as mentors during seminar sessions.  It is the goal of the conference to assist current or future veteran business owners, assist veterans to find employment and provide educational resources for those who are transitioning their lives or careers.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to take part in valuable hands-on workshops designed specifically for them, in addition to participating in numerous informational and networking sessions with businesses, organizations and New York state agency purchasing personnel. Practical workshops will include information about how to certify a veteran owned business and obtain federal and state contract set asides, proposal and business plan writing, business fundamentals, and matchmaking between entrepreneurial businesses and government agencies. Funds that are raised after cost of the conference has been paid for will be donated toward the advancement of veteran’s services.

Present sponsors for the event include Tully Rinckey PLLC, Berkshire Bank, the Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership, the Michael R. McNulty Center for Veteran Entrepreneurial Activity, BBL Construction and Rose & Kiernan Insurance Agency.

“No group is more worthy of support than our veterans who are transitioning from service. Our goal of this conference is to utilize local and national business leaders, non-profit organizations, state and federal government to provide veterans with the tools that they need to be successful in their businesses or careers” said Greg T. Rinckey, Esq., a founding partner with the law firm Tully Rinckey PLLC, which is sponsoring and underwriting the event. “This conference will be the first of its kind in the Capital Region and we are very pleased with the level of support that we have received so far to make this event possible.”

“Veterans have already given so much to us through their service to this country,” said former congressman Michael McNulty, who helped found the Michael R. McNulty Center for Veteran Entrepreneurial Activity. “It is now our responsibility to ensure that when they return, they are able to transition back into their civilian lives. VETCON will be an excellent starting point for veterans looking for a new career or new business opportunities.”

“The Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership prides itself on helping veterans pivot into new career opportunities,” said Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership president Peter Gannon. “Businesses aren’t always sure how to utilize the vast number of skills veterans have. VetCon is an opportunity for veterans who want to start or grow a business and connect them with the companies that will learn there is no more reliable partner in business than a United States veteran.”

The conference was conceived and developed by Tully Rinckey PLLC. The firm is working with an alliance that includes the New York State Office of General Services Service-Disabled Veterans’ Business Development Division, the Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership, the Michael R. McNulty Center for Veteran Entrepreneurial Activity, Service to the Armed Forces Program of the American Red Cross of Eastern New York, Living Resources, SaxBST LLP, University at Albany’s Center for Advancement & Understanding of Social Enterprises, University at Albany’s Division of Research, Direct Impact Associates LLC, Sandler Training, and Gramercy Communications.

Registration prior to Aug. 31, 2016 is $100 per day and attendees may begin registering now. Fees increase to $150 per day starting in September.